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Why do some investors fail while others thrive?

What are the necessary ingredients to become a successful property investor?..

How to avoid a portfolio-dump

Fire-sales and portfolio dumps are not only gut-wrenching but also set you back financially for years. Anyone who gets into property would be foolish not to understand how to avoid the ultimate investment nightmare. Watch this video to find out what causes portfolio dumps and, most important, h..

How to analyse a property deal

A video walk-through of how a seasoned investor would analyse a property deal...

What to know when you invest in cross-lease rentals?

Cross-lease properties have been unreasonably stigmatised for far too long. With higher compliance standards awaiting rental properties, cross-lease rentals could present new opportunities for astute investors. Find out everything you need to know if you are considering these types of properties..

What to know about NZ succession laws?

An overview of succession and estate laws in New Zealand as relating to residential property investors. Standard Duncan King Law presentation disclaimer reads: The information in this video is an overview of the law regarding the subject matter in New Zealand. It is presented today..

How to negotiate for a great property deal

Negotiation is arguably one of the most profitable activity for a property investor and an indispensable skill to have if you want to invest well. Seasoned investor and investment coach Debbie Roberts talks about how to negotiate ethically without losing your competitive advantage and shares tri..

How to inherit & disinherit

Your hopes and expectations for your wealth once you have passed on can change throughout the years. Oftentimes a change of mind necessitates updates to your existing will to make sure that it reflects your wishes entirely. This video covers the steps to be taken for four main areas of..

Mastering 2019

Expert property investor Kesh Maharaj talks about current opportunities, market risks and what it takes to be a successful investor in 2019...

5 Star AirBnB from start to finish

An inside take on how to run a successful AirBnB (or other short-term) rental in this day and age. Investor Alex Rogers talks about the day-to-day challenges, how to start and end strong and how short-term rental strategies can fit in with your long-term investment goals...

How to successfully refinance in the current market

Refinancing is simply part of life for any long-term property investor. It makes sense, therefore, to understand how to refinance well so that you are progressing towards your investment goals. This video covers the several considerations you should take into account when refinancing to ens..



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