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David Whitburn: This is where we are at

Views of the Auckland market in light of interest limitation and likely announcement of DTI from the perspective of a prolific property developer...

In pursuit of sleeping giants - driving better residential results with commercial principles

Burgerfuel Property Development Manager Ray Urlich plays an integral role in the company's growth. His insights, discipline and principles are great markers for residential investors to take inspirations from...

HHS pre-deadline sweep up for landlords and property managers

APIA gets together with and Rentfit to talk about Healthy Homes Standards compliance an answer questions from the audience...

Budget 2021 in plain English

Fresh out from his Budget 2021 lock up, Nick Goodall (CoreLogic NZ ( breaks down the key elements of Budget 2021 for property investors paying particular attention to any foreseeable effects on housing, migration and the economy as well as any last-minute surprises...

How not to get screwed over when you buy a new-build

The government's Housing Package has prompted some investors to wonder whether new builds are the way forward. Best learn about the potential opportunities and hidden pitfalls of this niche market before you dive right in. This video helps you explore ways you can buy smartly in the new-build ma..

How to renovate for yield

If you are sick of shelling out mortgage repayments week in and week out only to end up with a barely cash-neutral property at the end of the year then this webinar may well be exactly what you need! Professional renovator and property investor James Goren shares tried and true renovation t..

What if your developer goes belly up + other headaches to do with buying new-builds

Property lawyer Kristine King (DK Law ( shows investors how to buy safely in the new-build market. The presentation also includes some guidance as to what the new-build exemptions will likely look like come October 2021...

In conversation with Brooke van Velden

ACT Deputy Leader and housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden speaks to APIA members about the Housing Package, unlocking development restrictions, ACT's values and election 2023...

Charging ahead - 3 x investors' perspectives on recent tax changes

From the APIA April 2021 keynote meeting. Investors Kristin Sutherland, Monique Oosterbaan and Andrew Bruce share their perspectives on the recent tax changes and how they intend to continue investing in properties...

New tax changes - March 2021

Amanda Watt of Shortland Chartered Accountants ( shares a high-level overview of new tax rules proposed as part of the government's Housing Package before discussing real cash-flow implications for property investors...



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