The 5 biggest mistakes investors make

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Start well. End strong. Essential legal knowledge for all stages of investing

Presenters from Duncan King Law break down investment into three key stages and discuss the essential legal knowledge all investors need to invest well, sustain momentum and grow. ..

Are you investing for real?

Long-time investor John Priest gives his take on investing vs gambling. At this presentation, John takes us back to the first rule of investment - the purchasing of an income stream and discusses the virtue of acting counter-cyclically. He also reflects on where the market is at, investor sent..

How to pick the best insurance policy for you

Gary van Zijl from Initio Insurance ( talks about how to pick to best insurance policy for your requirements. At this webinar, Gary talks about standardising each policy so that you are comparing apples with apples, whether there is any real advantage usi..

Tax implications for unconventional investment strategies

Investor and chartered accountant Amanda Watt talks about the tax implications for those out-of-the-box investment strategies such as AirBNB, MUAs, and flatmates. Download Amanda's slide deck here (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=158066) to follow along...

How to get your insurance claim paid?

Gary van Zijl from Initio Insurance shares some insider's tips on the best ways to get your rental insurance claims paid...

Deciphering Auckland

Get a good understanding of what is happening in the Auckland market and how the 2017 Auckland Revaluation can accelerate your investment portfolio with QV ( national spokesperson, Andrea Rush. Links mentioned: QV ( QV Group Rating Valuation ..

Maximising the value of your rentals with property management

Barfoot & Thompson Property Manager Katrina O'Connor sits down with us to have a chat about how landlords can best work with property managers. We cover a range of issues including how to vet managers, whether you should self manage, how do you find a good property manager, and how do you m..

NZPIF advocacy update: Meth standards and Holler v Osaki

NZPIF ( Executive Officer Andrew King gives update on incoming standard for meth detection and decontamination as well as the recent District Court judgment of Tekoa Trust v Amanda Stewart giving post-Holler guidance on intention test to be applied in cases of rental dama..

Crunching numbers - how to analysis a property deal

Experienced investor Andrew Bruce talks through his process of analysing a property deal. Though his method by no means the only way to assess an investment, it does help you remove the emotions from the process and be guided by numbers. Take a look...

Is 2016 the start of the end for investors?

NZPIF Executive Officer, Andrew King, pops in to have a chat with us about policy and regulatory developments in 2016 and what is in store for investors in 2017. Issues touched on includes meth detection and decontamination standards, Holler v Osaki, interest rates, and changes in tenancy law...



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