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Envisioning the future - how property investors fit in with the rest of NZ

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford gives an overview of major policy initiatives that will affect investors and how future the Labour Government envisions for private landlords...

All change - an update on the Auckland economy and the road ahead

Auckland Council Chief Economist David Norman updates investors on our local economy, the housing market, construction activities, and how the Unitary Plan is transforming our city...

Why do rental insurance claims fall over?

Rental insurance claims are often time-consuming and distressing. Layman customers often fall foul of exclusionary clauses (in the tiniest prints) or submit incomplete applications only to see their claims declined. This video series takes a practical dive into the common reasons why claim..

The hidden costs of being a landlord

Being a landlord is not always as straightforward as what books and blogs would have you believe. Many people dream of an investment portfolio that will generate a passive income stream of substance. But that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not have the financial resources to k..

Tax rules and implications for short-term rentals

Short-term rentals such as those listed on Airbnb are becoming increasingly popular especially for entrepreneurial investors looking for a greater cash yield. But tax rules are following pace with the expansion of the industry and investors can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to them. Amand..

Back to the fundamentals

Nobody in the property industry is a professed crystal ball gazer. With that in mind, Andrew Cosgrave of Barfoot & Thompson takes us back to the first-principles of property investment and talks about when to buy, sell, and hold...

How to improve your relationship with debt?

This video series gives you a better understanding of debt within the framework of property investment. Experienced investors and financial strategists, Kris Pedersen and Ryan Smuts, talks about good debts vs bad debts, how to leverage to your advantage, the funding challenges facing investors, ..

How to profit from the Auckland 10-Year Plan

APIA investor Ben Yu breaks down the Auckland 10-Year Plan to its critical components and shows you how you can use publically available information to make smarter long-term investment decisions. Specifically plans discussed include The Unitary Plan, Panuku Development, Auckland Transport Plan,..

Should you invest outside of Auckland

Investing solely in Auckland, while generally preferable, may not be the best wealth creation strategy for some investors. Experienced investor and property coach Debbie Roberts of Property Apprentice speaks about the challenges that are currently felt in the Auckland market and how out of town ..

A financial guide to property investment for the self-employed

A discussion of entrepreneurship in property and in business, financial issues specifically relating to borrowers who are also self-employed, and actionable tips on how to push through common obstacles to thrive in both business and property investment. Presentation by Kris Pedersen of Kris Pede..



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