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Unpacking insurance claims - 2 real life examples

Insurance policies are often best understood through the lens of real-life claims. Rene Swindley from Initio Insurance ( landlords through two real-life claims (tenant damage+abandonment and hidden gradual damage) and how to determine the level of cover your policy provi..

How to read (and actually understand) your landlord insurance policy

Rene Swindley from Initio Insurance guides us through reading and actually understanding a landlord insurance policy and addresses common misconceptions, typical industry fish-hooks and the fundamentals that will lead you to a successful claim...

How to get your deals funded in the current market

Kris and Ryan from Kris Pedersen Mortgages ( talk about the lockdown 2.0 lending environment, common challenges for investors and how to maximise your borrowing capacity in the current market...

3 lessons I learnt from my worst deal EVER

Debbie Roberts recounts her worst ever property deal that turned out to be the steepest learning curve that made her the investor she is today...

New-builds vs existing properties

A side-by-side comparison of new builds and existing properties from an investment point of view...

Tony Alexander: As he sees it

Independent economist Tony Alexander talks about the economy, the property market and what else is at play apart from COVID-19...

Residential Tenancies Amendment Act: SOP and further questions

First read summary and impression of the last-minute supplementary order paper attached to 218 before Parliament passed the bill into law...

Optimism and opportunities

Leading planning consultant, Hamish Firth, talks about how to maximise your developmental potential under the Unitary Plan and what investors are doing post-lockdown to create opportunities in this market. Download the MHG Unitary Plan Cheat Sheet here (

How to be successful at the Tenancy Tribunal

Lawyer Kristine King from DK Law ( shares the steps and actionable tips for a successful Tribunal outcome...

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill v2

A summary of 218-2 ( and what landlords need to know...



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