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She trashed my property!

Case study of extreme tenant damage at the rental property from discovery to resolution and remediation...

The metrics that matter the most when you invest in properties

There are loads of metrics out there that would point to the profitability (or lack of) of an IP. In this video, Debbie Roberts will share her edited list of the most universal metrics every investor should have a good grasp of, how to calculate them, how to interpret them and also how to t..

How to find your next IP?

Ed McKnight digs into the data to show you how to find the most profitable regions, cities and suburbs to invest in for a mix of both yield and potential capital growth. ..

What to consider when you invest with a partner

Investing with a partner has its own advantages and risks. At the outset, there are several legal and financial considerations to take on board. Dial into this video to find out what they are from Kristine King of Duncan King Law and Ryan Smuts of Kris Pedersen Mortgages & Insurance...

COVID-19: The psychological price vs the financial rewards

Nick Gentle addresses this seemingly paradoxical time of COVID-19 that is simultaneously encouraging fear and reticence while flushing out an abundance of tempting investment opportunities. He shares crisis survival tips, cautionary tales from previous financial turbulence and thoughts on how lo..

May 2020 Property finance check-in

Kris Pedersen checks in with an update on the property finance market, how it is affected by COVID-19 and how the removal of LVR has played out so far...

COVID-19: Tax, subsidies & cashflow

A review of tax changes, subsidies and current cash-flow issues facing investors doing COVID-19...

Property development - site feasibility study

Are you sitting on a gold-mine or a dud. The Keith Hay Homes team talks through development site feasibility, overcoming site challenges with live-demonstrations...

Is AirBnB going to crush the rental market

How will COVID-19's effects on tourism domino onto our residential rental market? Ed McKnight takes a deep-dive into AirBnB's market stats and gives his take...

How to read property reports

An over-the-shoulder walk-through of the REINZ report and to show investors how to read and understand property market reports...



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