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Building nightmares and how to avoid them in the first place

Though construction disputes are as common as they are pesky, investors are not altogether turned off from the strategy. After all, building and construction continue to be a way to create a massive amount of value from one single site. In order to execute a successful construction project, the ..

Scouting opportunities: how to leverage data to add value and drive successful development projects

Developers are like talent scouts. They see not only potential but also a way to mould that potential into something valuable. Being able to identify and acquire sites with good value potential set good developers apart from the rest of the pack. It takes a combination of instinct through experi..

Tenancy Tribunal: A start-to-finish guide for landlords

Understanding the Tribunal process goes a long way in maximising your chance of successfully resolving a tenancy dispute. This presentation by Kristine King of Duncan King Law gives you the insights you need to apply, prepare for and enforce decisions smoothly...

Answer me this

Presenters of Hello! I am an investor, and this is my story sits down for a live Q&A with the audience members...

Meeting the challenges of today's market

Experienced investor Jimmy Ho tackles current market challenges front-on. In this presentation, Jimmy shares his personal investment strategy as well as a candid critique of what has and hasn't worked for him so far...

Post game analysis - my latest trade

Rebecca Bartlett takes an in-depth dive into her latest trade showcasing her strategy, the numbers and the secret sauce to her success...

How to structure and fund a commercial deal

Experienced lawyer and director of K3 Consulting, Accounting & Legal Helen Edwards talks about ways to structure and fund your next commercial purchase...

Who changed the rules

Investor Brian Hughes points out the sharp parallel between the UK and NZ regulatory conditions governing property investors and foreshadows what is to come for Kiwi investors..

One down, many more to go

APIA member Therese Bisquera recounts her start in property investment, the people who helped her along the way and how she got around the market challenges of high prices and tough lendings...

Using data to drive good investment decisions

Your investment decision is only as good as the quality of information you have access to. In this live demonstration, Antonette Ram from CoreLogic New Zealand walks investors through the key functionalities of RPNZ, the types of information available to investors, how to interpret them and most..



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