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Tony Alexander on the 2021 property market

Esteemed independent economist Tony Alexander returns to APIA to talk about the 2021 property market, what has and hasn't surprised him and where he sees it heading towards. ..

How to rent to tenants with pets

Renting to pet-owning tenants is not for everybody but for those landlords who are open to the idea to do so there could be ample opportunities and positives. We get together with Amanda Chue of Barfoot & Thompson Browns Bay and Rene Swindley of Initio Insurance to chat about renting to..

How to overcome development impediments in this market

Ryan Smuts (Kris Pedersen Mortgages) and Kevin Smith (Keith Hay Homes) shares effective ways for investors to take advantage of the new-build exemption under the new interest limitation rules...

How to increase your cash-flow with chattel valuation

Given the new tax rules, cash flow and tax efficiency are now front and centre in many investors' minds. For those investors looking to level up their cash strategies, a chattel valuation could very well be part of the solution. Depreciation specialist Steve Tucker speaks to APIA members ab..

How interest limitation and new bright line rules interact with trust-owned properties

Complexities to do with interest limitation and new bright-line rules could create operational and strategic issues for investors with trust-owned properties. Watch this video featuring Kristine King, DK Law, to find out how the new tax rules will interact with trust law and what you, as a..

Interest limitation submission workshop for property investors

A video guide to help investors understand the high level summary of the interest limitation consultation discussion document and write an effective submission to limit the harm of the policy...

Brad Olsen: Housing, politics and the public sentiment

Infometrics Director and Senior Economist Brad Olsen bring a fresh perspective on how politics, the housing market and public sentiment interplays with each other in front of the backdrop that is the NZ housing crisis...

In conversation with Nicola Willis

National Party housing spokesperson Nicola Willis talks to APIA members about regulatory changes targeting investors, National's solutions for the housing crisis and what the party is doing to support the interest of landlords...

26 Aroha - Renting with heart

The developers behind the famed 26 Aroha community showcases the development project and talks about ways to align personal values with successful business outcomes...

The cash effects of a job change in this market

An examination of how a change in (main) income stream will affect your borrowing capacity in this market. Featuring Ryan Smuts and Kris Pedersen of Kris Pedersen Mortgages...



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