Planning to fail

Part 1: Will Alexander, Barfoot & Thompson Property Management

Part 2: Sean Stewart, Long time investor and APIA member

Part 3: Mark Trafford, Maintain to Profit

Part 4: Q&As


Right now, the effects of investment decisions that are based on short-sightedness, confirmation bias, and the crowd mentality are still being disguised by the natural appreciating force of the market. Not for much longer though. We are at the tail end of that market phase where you can still get away with not planning for the long term and putting contingency plans in place for the what-if scenarios. You are more likely to invest successfully for longer when you know to expect problems and plan for them. There is still time to tidy up your strategy and stay disciplined towards your goals.  This 3-part presentation is all about respecting the cyclical nature of the property cycle and carrying out a premortem for your investment career so that you put yourself in the best position to succeed in the long term.

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