Unlimited - Surpassing expectations at any stages of investment

Part 1: Brandon Lipman - Year 1

Part 2: Kellie Dawson - Year 4

Part 3: Jodi Cottle - Year 10

Part 4: Lee Whiley - Year 30

Part 5: Q&As


Success has many faces and it is not always the overnight get rich story that shocks and overwhelms us mere mortals.  No.  Success is a far more prevalent concept within the investor community than the newspaper will lead you to believe.  At this special event, we have lined up four very different investors who share one singular commonality - that irrespective of where they are with their investment career, they are each successful in their own rights.  You will hear a frank and honest accounts of how each investors overcame various challenges to get to where they are today and how they expect the next 12 months of the Auckland market to pan out for them. 


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